Thursday, September 15, 2005

NETSH / How to reinstall TCP/IP in XP/2003

Admins who manage HP/Compaq Proliant servers would probably agree with me that remotely administering these server using RIB/iLO is a real pain. Few weeks ago, I had to re-do network teaming on one of the remote servers located in different geography using the RIB interface. It was a real pain trying to keep mouse cursor in sync to be able to go through many clicks to make network configuration and re-assign IP/gateway/DNS/WINS addresses. That was when I realized the true potential of NETSH command-line interface and the scripting capabilities it offers on Windows platform.

For the same scenario, I could’ve exported the network configuration using c:\>netsh -c interface dump > c:\netsetting.txt and after re-doing the teaming could’ve imported the same setting from the text file using C:\>netsh -f c:\netsetting.txt

Though we need to be careful not to change the name of any of the network interfaces – HP Network Team #1 should not become HP Network Team #2 after redoing the teaming.

Netsh comes handy not only for exporting/importing network configurations, but it is also capable of making different network settings like assigning IP/mask/gateway/DNS/WINS. Netsh command is also used for resetting TCP/IP stack in Windows XP and 2003 platforms. Unlike Window 2000, TCP/IP is a core component of Windows XP/2003 and cannot be uninstalled/reinstalled; it can only be reset to the state when the operating system was installed, which the following command does

c:\>netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

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