Monday, October 26, 2015

Excel Error 2010 /xl/calcChain.xml

Recently, one of the Excel 2010 files which I have been using for the past few months to make regular updates in, suddenly ran into issue and started to show error - Records removed from /xl/calcChain.xml.

To resolve this issue, follow these instructions:

1. Change the Excel file's extension from .xlsx to .zip

2. Unzip the contents and go to /xl/ folder.

3. Delete caclChain.xml

4. Re-zip the contents of the folder

5. Change the extension from .zip back to .xlsx.


Upon opening the file, if Excel will not find calcChain.xml, it will recalculate the formulas and will re-create the calcChain.xml file.


Eliot said...

I was having this problem and it was serious -- I thought I was going to have to re-create two years of work from scratch.

While time will ultimately tell, it appears this fix has done the trick.

I am in your debt, sir!

It also exposed me to a whole world of "behind the scenes" stuff about an Excel file that I had no idea existed.

Anonymous said...

I too am in your debt thank you so much

Anonymous said...

thank you a million!!!!
This fixed my issue on Excel for Mac too